Perfect Road Bike For Under $300

When trying to pick out the perfect road bike for the summer season it can be an absolute minefield. There are good and bad bikes like in anything, especially when your budget is under $300. That is why I decided to take a look at the GMC Denali road bike, which is priced very reasonably. I was pleasantly surprised after a few days of riding how versatile this bike is, it is a perfect fit for any rider looking to ride for fun, as part of a group or even individualized training.

There are different sizes and colors available on this model which uses top quality materials to appeal to men and women of all body types. Sitting in the middle of the spectrum, this road bike is perfect for the in-between riders who are not looking for a professional bike but are wanting something more durable and of better quality than a normal street bike.

For the serious riders out there, GMC does a pretty good job of including high-performance materials in a road bike that is relatively inexpensive and reliable and as a unisex bike, it is only a matter of choosing the perfect color option and size which is simple due to the four size options and three color schemes.


There are four size options available on the GMC Denali:

X-small – 16″/41cm frame – 9.2 x 28 x 51 inches.

Small – 19″/48cm frame – 18 x 40 x 68 inches.

Medium – 22.5″/57cm frame – 18 x 40 x 67 inches.

Large – 25″/63.5cm frame – 18 x 41 x 68 inches.

Road Bike

The GMC Denali is available in four excellent colors.

I used a medium frame for this review as it is the most popular size for men and women alike. The design is lightweight but contains the rigidity needed for challenging road racing and surfaces. All sizes are available in the following color schemes: Black/green, Painted black with green accents, An attractive solid red and Black/pink which offers a solid black paint job with minimal pink accents.

All colors are attractive and neutral giving this bike a serious look.

Bike Specification

  • Intended use: Road use/rugged surfaces/road racing.
  • 21-Speed.
  • Frame: Aluminum.
  • Shimano Revo shifters and Shimano derailleur for easy and smooth gear changes.
  • High-performance 7000 tires for rough street surfaces and road racing.
  • Mechanical rim/caliper brakes.
  • Available in four sizes and three colors.

Good Points

The reliability and longevity of this bike is often praised by many riders, from those across states and even the country, the bike is often hailed as very reliable and is great at unpredictable roads, unlike professional racing cycles, this bike is not the slim, aerodynamic frame that one would see on the tv during the Tour de France.

The road bike is designed as a versatile and robust bike for use on real roads. Some pros include versatility in use including beginner use for road racing, group biking, exercise and training as well as long-distance biking. The design is also a good selling point. The color options available are an excellent in-between for both men and women. None of the color schemes are too over the top but are well-suited towards many different bikers of all sizes.

Road Bike

The bike can easily be adapted for commuting.

There are four different sizes available on this bike so whether you are over six feet tall or under 5 feet in height, the size options will ensure that you choose the bike that is right for you. The price is what draws so many beginners to this bike. For only a few hundred dollars, this bike is as solid a choice as you can get, it features gears and tech that more expensive models have which is great for learning on before moving on to a more expensive bike.

Not So Good Points

Some customers have complained of the bike not feeling very sturdy once assembled, this could be just down to customer mistakes assembling it so it is recommended to get it assembled by a professional bike shop.

Another negative is tire and brake issues, the alloy Vitesse racing rims are high-profile but are not necessarily high quality. The tires for this model are not standard road bike size and the quality of the tires is not as good as it could be. The ‘tire tape’ inside of the tires is not of the best quality so be aware of this when you start riding your bike. New tape can be purchased for around $60 and fix any flats if they occur and reinforce the tires for the thousands of miles of life it has in it, this will all depend on the surfaces you ride on and how you ride the bike of course.

The brakes do have some issues as well, being difficult to adjust during assembly and some users have reported that this model is slow to stop with the standard brakes. The bike does not get delivered assembled only partially assembled, you will need to mount the front wheel and handlebars. You will only need basic tools such as Allen wrench, flat-head screwdriver and a Philips screwdriver.


Road Bike

The bike is excellent as it is so versatile.

The main highlight of this bike is the longevity and can be used for thousands of miles without any issue, it is perfect for every day riding, commuting and other road uses, no matter how long the trip is.

This bike is perfect for beginners as it will teach you how to ride depending on the intended use in sports, racing etc. And once you get a feel for the higher-end 21-speed gear set-up you can then look to move onto something more expensive for a more professional use.

The bike is built to last with fancy aspects of it found in bikes worth thousands of dollars so this bike is perfect for anyone starting out on a budget which will serve you well for many years, be sure to get it assembled and tuned by an expert though as this will make a big difference to how well this bike functions.


The intended use of this bike is road use whether that be leisure riding, commuting to work, for exercise, road racing or training. The bike I would say is pretty effective at what it does.

The styling is high-end as well, it is an entry-level bike with lowish quality tires and brakes but is excellent in normal use but you would not want to bring it to a professional event. It makes for an excellent teaching tool for someone looking to become a professional biker, all for under $300, professional bikes can go for thousands so this bike is a bit of a bargain with excellent functionality.

Road Bike

It is also brilliant for cross-country riding too.

The frame is aluminum and weighs around 29 pounds, whilst this is not super light it is still good for those that do not require an aerodynamic racing bike but rather a sturdier bike that is comfortable, reliable and can go long-distances.


This road bike comes across as super reliable and long-lasting for long-distance biking or commuting. It is perfect for beginners looking to get into the sport as it is inexpensive and is great for learning on.

The affordable price does not ruin quality and while some parts are not high-end but then you would not expect them to be for the price, of course this bike does not match up to the professional bikes costing thousands of dollars more but holds it’s own despite this, this road bike will definitely not disappoint in whatever road conditions you can throw at it, take a look at it here.

The Google Nexus 5X

Google’s Nexus range of phones have always managed to rank highly among my favorite handsets. Ever since they first broke onto the scene their stock version of Android, decent specs and low prices have all made very good arguments for purchasing one, the Nexus 5X is a phone I have wanted to test for a while now.

With huge expectations from this phone imagine my mild disappointment when I first pulled the Nexus 5x from the box. Whilst the competition is rather polished and nice to look at, the Nexus 5X has neither the workhorse-like simplicity of it’s predecessor or the glitz of it’s big rivals, being made out of plastic it looks more like a budget handset, it isn’t ugly per se but just a bit uninspiring.

That being said, the Nexus 5x is definitely a phone where you can’t judge it just based on looks alone, underneath that pretty bland exterior is a pretty good and quite powerful smartphone that proves Google and it’s Nexus line-up are on the right track.

The Nexus Project

The latest Nexus hardware is accompanied by a new version of Android (Android 6.0 – marshmallow), there are lots of nice tweaks and some important changes to app permissions which is great to have on the 5x but as we know, others quickly catch up.

This year, Google has broken 5 years of Nexus tradition and launched two handsets instead of just one, this and the Nexus 6P phablet making the Nexus 5x a mid-range handset with a still sizeable 5.2in display.


The Nexus 5x’s looks are very functional and basic.

Nexus handsets very rarely sell in big numbers, the most popular to date was the incredible Nexus 5 and even sales of that bargain handset were ruined by a mysterious lack of stock. Traditionally, you bought a Nexus phone in cash, upfront and though contacts are now available this handset is still better value bought that way.

So what is the point of a Nexus handset if they do not intend to shift huge numbers of them to consumers? Well it is a way for Google to get it’s vision for Android out to a handful of enthusiasts and developers, unmodified with the handset running a clean version of Google’s latest operating system. Nexus also lets the company add hardware to a handset that it thinks is key for the next generation of handsets. In this case, the USB Type-C and a fingerprint sensor.

Powering Up

The new Macbook and OnePlus Two may have done it first but Google’s inclusion of USB Type-C is a greater statement of intent for the future of most smartphones. The reversible connector is brilliant, it is a little chunkier and feels sturdier than micro USB and not having to mess about plugging it in the correct way round is a revelation (iPhone users have enjoyed this for years). It is a little longer and slides home convincingly with a distinct click when fully inserted, it may only be a connector but it really improves the feel of the device in day-to-day use.

It may be used a lot very soon but what is it like right now? One problem with USB Type-C cables is that they aren’t very common. Leaving it at home means you are unlikely to be able to grab a charge at a friend’s house or an office. Google hasn’t helped this by only including a Type-C to Type-C cable as well as a Type-C adaptor in the box. You will want to get a Type-A to Type-C cable for carrying around with you.

The Type-C allows for fast charging by default. The Nexus 5x charges to 20% in just 10 minutes and reaches 48% after only 30 minutes and hit a full day’s worth of battery power (84%) in an hour and then slows down considerably, reaching 100% in 1 hour and 40 minutes but that is still quick. It is slightly quicker than a Samsung Galaxy S6 using a fast charger except for that final 16% where the S6 catches up, this is useful but hardly groundbreaking.


The USB Type-C charging cable is a welcome addition to the Nexus Phone.

The battery has a 2,700mAh capacity which is standard now given that this is a pretty slim 7.9mm handset. In a continuous video playback test it lasted for a respectable 10 hours and 14 minutes. The Moto X Play lasted for over 13 hours in the same test but that phone if over 10mm at it’s thickest part. Ignoring sizes for a moment, the Nexus 5x reliably got me through a full day of use but if you hammer the smartphone’s battery then there are longer-lasting phones out there.

I noticed sadly that wireless charging has been dropped as Google has stated that the faster charging times of Type-C and the extra space required for the charging coil made it a bad choice. With that being said, Samsung manages to squeeze wireless charging into the S6 and that is still slim and beautiful but is also almost twice the price.

It is worthy of note that Google is only taking full advantage of USB Type-C for power and convenience, there is no video output port as supported by the standard and data transfer rates are only at normal USB 2.0 speeds.

Identify Yourself

Security is an exciting subject nowadays and is a pretty big deal on this handset because of the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor and yes, Apple and Samsung have had this technology for a couple of years now but Android has never supported them natively and that meant support from app developers has been pretty much patchy to non-existent.

The inclusion of a sensor here is timed to coincide with the Android Play’s launch in the US and we should also see it in the UK soon too. It’s a handy added layer of security for those trusting enough with their card details in their smartphones. This isn’t essential for using Android Pay in the US where any handset can authorize a transaction once the lock screen has been unlocked, say by PIN or swipe code. Whether we will see stricter security in the UK is yet to be seen and will depend largely on Google’s negotiations with banks over here.

On the Nexus 5x, the fingerprint sensor is positioned just below the rear camera. The circular sensor was placed in an awkward position for me as I had to move my grip a lot to place my index finger on the sensor. I then had to switch my grip a little to hold the phone securely and use it with my thumb, I would recommend trying it out before purchasing.

I cannot complain about the speed of it, resting your finger on the sensor switches on and unlocks the phone pretty much instantly. It’s accurate too, learning my fingerprints quicker than the S6 and recognizing them more consistently too.

Design And Dimensions

The fingerprint sensor adds more clutter to the rear panel and sits alongside a large Nexus logo, camera sensor with separate flash and focus cutouts plus a mess of regulatory information at the bottom. Getting rid of the smaller logos would have helped improve things a lot, as would making the logo black on black on the ‘Carbon’ model as it was on the Nexus 5.


The fingerprint sensor is a little clumsily placed but works very well.

It is pretty great to hold though. The plastic finish provides plenty of grip and, at 136g, it’s among the lightest phones around too. The shape is pretty good as well. with the rear panel meeting the front bezels very neatly indeed. The 147x73x7.9mm dimensions are reasonable for a handset with a 5.2in display, especially with the inclusion of stereo forward-mounted speakers. I really like these kinds of speakers and as they did on the Nexus 6, they provide superior, clearer audio than any tiny port tucked away near the bottom of so-called flagship smartphones.

It kind of looks like the designers took the day off when it came time to design the side buttons though. Black plastic, completely rectangular and utterly featureless, they are so simple as to appear as an afterthought though. It is not that they are terrible to use but there is not much feedback and no distinct click. Power and volume are placed right next to each other as well which doesn’t help and there is no texturing to make them easy to differentiate.


Among all of that is a good LCD screen with a full HD resolution. Even at 5.2in across it still has a whopping 424 pixels per inch and despite higher resolutions available I am unconvinced of any serious advantages in day-to-day use. In objective tests, the screen stood up well, covering 94.8% of the sRGB color gamut with 415 cd/m2 max brightness, a contrast level of 1309.1 and a black level of 0.32 cd/m2, basically it scored respectively across the board.


The display is very nice but is not spectacular.

There are brighter LCD’s at this price but consistency is the name of the game and the Nexus 5x nails it. It also has a pleasingly flat color output without some of the boosted and garish shades seen elsewhere. Samsung is to be applauded in finally reigning in color vibrancy on the S6, but lacking that, a neutral take is the best option.


The Nexus 5 amazed me at the time with what was a top-end chipset at a low price. Sadly, those days seem to be long gone although the Nexus 5x certainly is no slouch. It too uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, this time the 808 which is a 6-core design consisting of two high-performance Cortex A57 cores running at 1.8 Ghz, supported by four more power-efficient Cortex A53 cores running at 1.44Ghz.

I got a Geekbench multi-core score of 3,489 which puts it alongside the likes of similarly specified LG G4 and Moto X Style. Again, it is not the best out there but in practice everything was quick and smooth. It’s well ahead of the Moto X Play here, which was pretty sluggish in comparison with it’s Snapdragon 615 chupset. In terms of gaming, it’s well behind the Z5’s and S6’s of this world but it played our normal selection of Android titles with no fuss.


Most of the areas covered on the Nexus 5x have it as simply competent but it’s camera is truly excellent. I put it head to head against the very good Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG-made phone came out the victor. The camera itself has a rather unremarkable nowadays 12-megapixel on a typically sized 1/2.3in sensor however,  each pixel is bigger than most, measuring 1.55um. By comparison, the S6 reportedly only has 1.12um pixels on it;s 16 megapixel sensor.

Whatever the reasons, the results speak for themselves. Across many tests, the Nexus 5x’s photos were packed with detail, compared to the more smoothed off appearance of the Galaxy S6’s efforts. Outdoors, you can see great detail in brick walls and a sharper image overall. Color balance was spot on as well, with the camera matching the output of the S6 almost the same, a good thing I would say.

It also dealt well with higher-contrast scenes, eliminating noise from large flat areas of color without removing detail elsewhere. Indoors with our still life, there were accurate color temperature’s along with great detail in complex textures and well-balanced exposures across our various lighting setups, there is no optical stabilization here but I did not miss it.


The camera is the best thing about this phone, it makes better use of it’s pixels than even the S6!

All tests done were in default auto mode with HDR enabled. The Nexus 5x was quick to shoot in this mode and you can jump straight to the camera by double-clicking the power button. The only downside to this shortcut is that doing so whilst using the phone locks you out of the handset as well.

Another small niggle is that the phone only comes with Google’s pretty basic camera app. This is fine for basic snaps but lacks any serious manual controls or fancy, fun features. You can of course get a different app from Google Play to unlock such features and I would highly recommend that.

Colors And Memory

The Nexus 5x is available in three colors, ice blue, carbon black and quartz white. The 16gb model has around 10gb of memory to spare straight from the box which is normally enough for plenty of apps and pictures but those who want to carry lots of music around will need to upgrade to the more expensive 32gb model. Google loves the cloud so there is no micro SD storage here. That is it for the options: three colors and two memory choices.


The Nexus 5x is never going to win any awards for the best looking or designed phone and it isn’t the fastest out there and doesn’t have the best battery life and the screen isn’t amazing either but the phone is far greater than the sum of it’s parts and at a very reasonable price too.

It’s almost immediate competitor, the Moto X Play as Motorola’s take on Android is so close to Google’s for that to be a non-consideration for the average buyer. The Play is cheaper, has much better battery life, microSD slot for extra storage, water-resistant, better looking and tougher feeling too. The Nexus 5x makes up for this with a better camera, faster and more graphics power, slightly smaller and much lighter and it comes with a fingerprint sensor and USB Type-C.


Overall this is one of my favorite phones for the price bracket it is in.

Me personally? I would pick the Nexus 5x over the Moto X Play as it simply feels better to hold, carry and use than the bigger Motorola and is better future-proofed than it’s rival, both in terms of features and performance. Both phones are excellent in their own right but are for different people.

The Nexus 5x is a serious comeback for the Nexus brand after last year’s model that nobody wanted, sorry Nexus 6. It’s a middle of the road handset that will suit many people and although it’s not the ridiculous bargain it’s predecessor was, it is a very good phone indeed, with it’s raw looking images, neutral color cast onscreen, clean-sounding speakers and vanilla Android OS, you couldn’t say the Nexus 5x tell it like it is and I rather like that about it, you can check the phone out on Amazon here directly for yourself.

Learn To Renew Her Sex Drive

After speaking with a friend who has been married for over 6 years, he wanted to know how to keep things fresh. His relationship was starting to go stale with his wife and he wanted to keep the sex drive high, just like when they were dating.

I did some research and came across a program called Revive Her Sex Drive which he has been trialing for 3 months.


You can make her desire you just like when you first got together.

Who Should Not Buy The Program

  1. Single men or men who are not already in a marriage or long-term relationship as the program is designed for married men or those in a long-term relationship.
  2. Guys who are not willing to change their outlook and attitude in their marriage/relationship, it can’t just be your partner who does all the changing.
  3. Anyone looking for a quick-fix solution, the program does work quickly for some people but if you are looking for the fast-fix magic solution then Revive Her Drive isn’t going to do it.
  4. Any guy who has resentment for their wife or women in general, this may sound like a funny point but there is no better way of putting this. Some guys have a built-up resentment as a result of a backlog of being rejected for so long. They believe that women control the sex in the relationship and are always looking for ways to put them in their place, not great if you are just looking to get one up on your wife.

Who The Program Is Designed For

My brother has a friend named Paul, now Paul gets ripped on a lot because his wife control the sex in his marriage and my brother and friends think of Paul as less of a man because of it.


Many men wish to have their wives desire them the way they did when they first met.

They joke about it a lot when he is not around. He has earned the nickname ‘Quarters’ as they reckon he has sex about 4 times per year and say stuff like ‘ I think he got some on the weekend, his wife must have been home drunk’.

Paul doesn’t stop there. Because he has a hard time getting it at home,he looks elsewhere, sometimes hooking up on work trips and other trips away from home. Here is the real twist, the women he meets and tries so hard to hook up with are just ugly,a type of woman most guys would not look twice at, bad women.

So Paul is the person I thought of when I thought who would benefit most from the program.

This is why:

  • He doesn’t know how to approach the issue with his wife as he lacks confidence.
  • He thinks that his wife doesn’t even want sex.
  • He thinks about sex a lot more than he actually gets it.
  • He does things he otherwise would not due to his intimacy issues with his wife.

Paul really needs a copy of  RHD and the good news is that the guide has been put together just for guys in his situation, the information contained within it will help Paul to fix his relationship with his wife and get them both having the best sex of their lives.

If you are in a similar situation to Paul and your wife does not like to talk about it let alone do it then the revive her drive program shows you how to get your wife turned on without her even knowing so there is no need to get the courage to have an argument over a subject that you know your wife does not wish to talk about.

You can apply what you learn in the course and expect to see results within a month, some report seeing results within a weekend but some also have strange circumstances and need more patience, let’s take a look at the value you get with the program.


A lot of couples suffer because of lack of communication regarding this issue.

What You Get In The Program

  1. Twelve 45-60 minute long audio interviews with not just experts but leaders in the relationship field with over 100 years combined experience. You get their best information, tips and techniques especially for men who want more sex and physical intimacy in their marriage.
  2. The relationship values step by step worksheet – if you choose to bring up the lack of sex with your wife, this worksheet offers you a play-by-play solution on how to introduce the subject with your wife without her getting angry, mad or shutting you out.
  3. An audio lesson in the 21 deadly mistakes guys in a relationship make, these mistakes derail her sex drive so knowing what they are, if you are doing them and how to avoid them is very important to any future sex you would like to have.
  4. A specific guide on how to overcome her resistance in the bedroom – Start breaking down her barriers and get to the real reasons why she has lost her libido.
  5. A quickfire report on how to get her to trust you enough to surrender to you and let you give her the orgasms she may not even think she craves.
  6. A report on figuring out if her sex drive is even repairable and how you should handle this situation.
  7. An introductory guide to the 4 elements of revival which breaks down the parts of the relationship she needs to be in order to want to be that sexual little nympho that you first met and dated.
  8. A sex and biology for beginner’s guide called what the caveman knew, all about triggering her primal urges for lust and sex.
  9. An introductory workbook that shows you the best way to use the program specifically for your situation.
  10. There are also 4 free bonuses that come with the product.

Good Points

No going through irrelevant information – This program is targeted towards the needs of husbands in sexless marriages and what men can do about it, it is specific to solving your physical needs and is all relevant so that means that you do not waste any time doing something that doesn’t work. The techniques are proven to work by many men and that is why the program is so successful and is charged at $97, unlike Amazon ebooks that sell for $97 and don’t do anything.

It is easy and fun to listen to and read – The bulk of the course is just audio interviews with the 12 relationship experts which are easy to stick in your car and listen to on your computer on your daily commute or run, it also makes it easy to re-listen so you get the most out of the info.


You can also restore your sex drive without a problem if you do it the right way.

No need to convince the wife – If you have trouble communicating with your wife about the lack of physical intimacy in your marriage then this program offers a way to get your sex life back without forcing your wife to have a sit down unlike couples therapy and many relationship books require you to do.

Bad Points

It’s a bit spiritual – I am not really a spiritual person and it makes the program a little harder to follow. Susan and the other experts introduce you to more spiritual topics which you don’t really need to know about you use this program so if you do get the program this is your forewarning.

Revive Her Drive Puts It All On You – It is all up to you if it works or not and the success of the program depends heavily on you taking action as it gives you the power in a good and bad way.

This can be hard to swallow if you are a guy that is getting constant rejection from your wife and you are just tired and fed up with it, if you are not willing to put a bit of work into helping your sex life I would suggest avoiding this program.

One condition – If your sex life with your wife has always been bad then this program won’t really help you, it is the only condition for getting your sex life back, you must have had one in the first place.


So after looking at the program and weighing up all the facts I have come to the conclusion that the Revive Her Sex Drive program can really work for you, especially if you are open to change and are willing to make changes in your relationship. I do know that our friend Paul who we looked at further up the page is now having the best relationship he’s ever had and you can too. Try it here.

Powerful Wireless Amplifie

In 2012, rumors were beginning to spread that Google was getting a home theater device ready to rival people like Apple Tv and the Sonos system, when that mythical thing turned out to be the Nexus Q, it was a difficult disappointment pill to swallow.

Whilst the Nexus Q will remain a curio until Google can boost it’s feature set, the competitive Sonos ConnectAmp amplifier feels just like a real hi-fi system. From it’s solid build quality to the simplicity of the user interface, it’s something that the Nexus has not quite refined yet, it is compatible with nearly every music service out there and can also stream your own personal digital music collection.

And if you thought the $300 Nexus was expensive for what it does then you may want to hold on to something here. The ConnectAmp is two-thirds more expensive and yet despite the price, the Sonos ConnectAmp is a full-featured digital audio system with a lot to offer for both casual users and serious audio enthusiasts, especially if they are looking to eventually build out a multiroom audio system.


The unit measures 3.5 inches high by 7.28 inches wide and 8.15 inches deep so the Sonos ConnectAmp is larger than the average ‘small black box’ media streamer such as a Roku or Apple Tv.


The speaker has a lovely, well-finished design.

The Sonos has a two-tone color scheme with an anodized precision-machined extrusion aluminium case nestled on a white plastic base. The 5.1-pound box has some heft to it and unlike a lot of the flimsy plastic boxes you can buy today, the ConnectAmp feels very solid and well-designed.

The front panel is very minimalist, volume up/down and mute. Everything else including the redundant volume controls is controlled through an amp on your tablet or smartphone. There is no power button since the Sonos is designed to remain in standby mode at all times.


The ConnectAmp used to be known as the ZonePlayer ZP120 and renamed when the Play 3 came out. While the ZP120 was initially offered as part of the BU250 bundle, that package is no longer available, not least because the CR200 touch-screen controller has been put out to pasture. The company now offers free control apps for PC, Mac, Android and iOs devices instead. In other words, nearly any smartphone or tablet, including iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Kindle Fires and all newer Android phones can double as the remote.

The ConnectAmp is a  rare product as it is part music streamer and part amplifier. There are only a couple of products like it but most are ridiculously expensive music servers or the Google Nexus Q whereas the Nexus Q has a 25W amplifier, the ConnectAmp has a much beefier 55W per channel output.

The built-in amp means that it is up to you to supply your own unpowered speakers, if you have an existing stereo or home theater system and you are looking to add streaming to it I would suggest the ampless Sonos Connect at $349, alternatively, you can go for the all in one choice with the Play 5 and Play 3, both of which have built-in speakers.


This little amp has plenty of connections to keep things interesting.

One feature offered by the Connects and the all in one systems like the Play 3 and 5 lack is audio inputs. The ConectAmp has a single stereo RCA input that can be used to connect an external audio device, perhaps a turntable or an iPod dock. For speaker connections, the Sonos includes solid, spring-loaded speaker jacks at the back for connecting banana plugs or bare wires though not spades.

There is also the subwoofer-out which can be used to connect to a third-party subwoofer or you can opt to go with the wireless Sonos sub instead. One feature I wish the Sonos had was an IR port, usually in order to mute the system. Instead you will have to either unlock your phone and launch the Sonos app, boot up your PC or actually walk over and press the mute switch.

Audio Only, That Is A Good Thing

Unlike other well-known media streamers on the market, the Sonos devices are audio-only, no video, this may seem a limiting factor but the Sonos is more focused on doing one thing as well as possible.

Sonos’s tagline is ‘stream all the music on earth’ and the company’s products come very close to that goal. Sonos products are nearly compatible with nearly every popular music service such Mog, Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM,, Slacker, Rdio, Songza, Tunein radio, Rhapsody, Heartradio, Wolfgang’s Vault, Aupeo, Stitcher and most recently, Amazon cloud player, if you follow music services that is every cloud music service out there.


Audio quality is something that the Sonos speaker excels at.

This latest great amplifier from Sonos doesn’t support Apple Itunes however because of Apple as always, this Sonos also supports streaming from a PC or Mac running the iTunes software so your home music collection is always accessible and it also supports many NAS servers for those that don’t want to keep their PC’s powered on all the time.

As for local music, nearly all popular file formats are supported, MP3, WMA, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless and FLAC. That being said, while it will only concern a small subset of people at present, the Sonos system does not play back high-resolution 24-bit files, it is cd quality only.

Totally Wireless With One Caveat

The Sonos range of products is designed as a multiroom audio system that connects one to the other using a proprietary wireless mesh system. The advantage of this is that it is not limited to your home’s Wi-Fi network. The bad point is that there needs to be at least one wired connection between your home network and a Sonos unit, this gives you two choices, you can either situate the first Sonos in your home near an Ethernet connection or you can purchase a $50 Sonos bridge.


As with any Hi-Fi system, the performance is dictated by what speakers you use. When using the ConnectAmp I got best results from the Intimus 4T Tower speakers with a sparkling treble underpinned by detailed mids and tight bass. Sure, you could spend more on a dedicated amplifier, DAC and music streamer and get better sounding results but this would cost you a lot more and lose cohesion and convenience that a one-box system offers.

Whether I was playing music offered by Spotify or from a local NAS, I enjoyed glitch-free playback from the ConnectAmp and there was no hint of lag time, this was especially important when connecting to a tv and I found there were no sync issues despite streaming the signal round my apartment at the same time. The only thing to bear in mind is that any line-in signal is converted to digital and when I hooked up a turntable, I found that the sound was more restrained than when connected to an analog amplifier and as such I would class the line-in as more of a convenience feature than a true ‘hi-fi’ consideration.


There is enough power in this amp to bring on near party levels at times.

I tried the Sonos with different speakers with mixed results, with good results for a pair of B&W 685’s which had beefier amplification but the bass was a little lean but the amp was able to drive the speakers to party levels pretty easily.Some speakers I tried had less than impressive mid-range and struggled with bass response.

I found the software easy to use but it did have some niggling problems that competitive systems don’t struggle with. First the sort by folder option in the software doesn’t read folders that have not been indexed yet and you need to reindex but not on the fly to find recently added files. Secondly and quite annoyingly, it is very easy to bump the app’s volume slider to max and thirdly, Spotify integration could be better, I was really impressed by the Squeezebox Touch’s take on the software which enables users to use it in much the same way as normal Spotify, starring items and editing playlists.

As an example, in comparison, the Sonos is limited to reading playlists and starred items, it is also difficult to play a starred album as the Sonos is set up to play individual tracks generally and so the continual playlist nature of ‘starred tracks’ means playing an entire album is problematic. That being said, the Sonos apps are updated several times per year so anything one may object to currently is pretty much corrected in future updates.


Building a system around the ConnectAmp makes a lot of sense if you are building a system from scratch and the total app control makes it much more compelling than the standard Connect, where you would need to separately turn on your stereo and flip to the correct input before enjoying your music.


There are multiple ways to connect to this amplifier.

There are of course many cheaper alternatives to the Sonos ConnectAmp like Bluetooth speakers which allow streaming from a smartphone or tablet app or a Bluetooth dongle but Bluetooth sound quality will not make critical listeners happy.

Overall, the Sonos ConnectAmp is not cheap but it is a better no-compromise digital music amplifier system than other alternatives out there, if you are serious about digital music and about cloud-based music services especially, the Sonos ConnectAmp is a tidy all in one system.

Click here to check it out on Amazon now.


The Little FujiFilm Camera You Can Take With You

Introducing  the FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 camera, a basic point and shoot camera that takes instant photos and develops them like old school Polaroid camera. The analogue camera looks like a toy and is pretty much guaranteed to have a lot of appeal to hipsters.

When we are in a world that has the likes of Instagram and Hipstamatic, the Instax Mini 8 is a much better way of getting that retro picture look.


The camera is available in five colors (White, blue, pink, yellow and black) and looks like a big kid’s toy from it’s matte plastic finish, chunky lens and big buttons. Despite the hulking size when compared with today’s compact cameras, the Instax Mini 8 only weighs 307g and is 10% slimmer than previous Instax models. It isn’t really pocket friendly but is light enough to throw into a bag without any trouble.

Fujifilm Camera

The design is very simple and harks back to the height of the Polaroid days.

The buttons and features are basic, up front is a button to extend the collapsible lens and turn the camera on. Around the lens itself is the brightness adjustment dial you can twist to choose the different exposure levels. On the hand grip is the camera trigger with the viewfinder located above it and the always on flash just beside it. At the back is the compartments for film and the battery on the hand grip. Yes, it takes two AA batteries, this is an analogue camera in every way.

Instax Mini 8 Features

This is a camera with very basic principles. To help you shoot pictures with the right level of brightness there are five different exposure levels to choose from: Indoors, Night (F12.7), Cloudy, Shade(F16), Sunny, Slightly cloudy (F22) and sunny and bright (F32), there is also a new high key mode to shoot photos with extreme levels of brightness and a softer atmosphere.

There is however no autofocus and the camera has a shooting range of 0.6m to 2.7m so you will need to get up close. The flash has a recycle time of 0.2-6 seconds and there is a fixed shutter speed of 1/60 seconds.

The Instax Mini 8 only uses Fuji Instax film that comes in packs of 10 and measures 62 x 46 mm. Basically the size of a credit card so these pictures are on the small side, packs can cost around $15 making the Mini 8 a costly investment in the long run.

Fujifilm Camera

The camera uses expensive film so it is something to be aware of before purchase.


When you want to take a photo you just simple twist the dial to the correct exposure level, peer through the viewfinder and take the shot, it really as simple as that. Images can take some time to fully develop and results are sometimes mixed.

There is no room for error and if you get it wrong, exposure levels and colors can look wrong and the worst thing of all is you have wasted one of those expensive films. The lack of an autofocus also makes it a real challenge to nail the pictures first time, if you get it right, images are very detailed and produce the soft color effect to create an aged, Polaroid-style look.

Taking pictures of people also works very well but takes a little work to shoot great scenery shots or simple pictures of objects.

Of all the five different exposure settings, the sunny, slightly cloudy mode generates the best pictures. There is good detail in the foreground and background with a good color range. Photos inside can take a little bit more work and it’s here the lack of focus really shows itself. The always on flash can help make up for low light conditions but colors look too washed out and image clarity is not great.

Fujifilm Camera

Photos can be a mixed bag but they camera is perfectly capable of taking decent photos.

Of course, the images are on the small side but you do have the big white border at the bottom so you can sign or leave a message to give it a personal touch.

Is It Worth Purchasing The FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Camera?

If you would like a break from the megapixels and the luxury of having the ability to empty bad photos into the bin then the Instax Mini 8 camera is actually a lot of fun, it is very easy to use and you can get some pretty decent photos if you manage to match the right exposure levels with the night surroundings.

It does have some obvious limitations of course. It runs on batteries and the films work out very expensive once you factor in how many photos you are likely to get wrong. If you can accept that it is going to cost you in the long-term and like the idea of having something that is not all about uploading photos to social media, the Instax Mini 8 camera is a cool, retro-styled camera that Polaroid fans will really love.

It could also be used as a fun, simple way to introduce children to photography.

Fujifilm Camera

The camera takes me back to 20 years ago when Polaroid was the in camera to have.


The FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 camera is easy to use and is a reminder of the days before digital cameras. The film is expensive but if you want to turn the clock back then this is great retro snapper to do it with, check it out on Amazon here.

Another Quality Samsung Smart Curved Tv

Curved 4K and OLED smart tv’s seem to be getting all of the attention this year but what about 1080P LED Tv’s? Samsung has decided to cater for those that are not quite ready for 4K yet with the 55H8000 LED TV.

It has a curved screen with the best picture quality features for a 1080P display in Samsung’s older 2014 lineup. The most important picture quality aspect is the true local dimming. The H8000 series is the only 1080P LED to make use of it. This really gives the screen a step up in terms of contrast. It features built-in WiFi, Web browser and tweaked Smart TV functions from the year before with the addition of an improved touch pad remote.

Strong LED Lighting

As 1080P LED Tv’s go, this is one of the strongest in the market at present when it comes to LED edge-lighting. The powerful LED’s really give the H8000 a step up in terms of black levels and peak whites. The 55H8000 has best in class color and contrast that creates superior images with excellent light flow as well. Images on-screen are crisp and refined compared to some other LED Tv’s out there.

Smart Tv

I really like how well thought out the remote control is.

Color Performance

Colors really pop on this for an LED Tv but the backlight can sometimes work against itself. Just keep the level between 70-80% and the picture won’t suffer. From up-converted content color flow is a lot better than other tv’s on the market, one of the reasons this is a premium model. Overall color is very well-balanced and saturated and the movie mode is set very close to D6500K straight from the box. Only top 4K and OLED Tv’s will beat the H8000 in color performance.

Precision Black Local Dimming

The tv utilizes actual hardware dimming instead of software dimming seen on lower tier Samsung LED’s from 2014, it makes a much more positive impact on picture quality. I feel that the image is better for the feature being on rather than off which is rare for features like this.

This is due to separating the picture in many hundreds of parts and pieces and changing the amount of backlighting from the LED’s. The precision black produced inky blacks without losing any dark shadow detail. Finding the setting is pretty straight forward, look for the Smart LED option in the picture options menu. It is set to standard by default and I noticed no difference when bumping it higher, when turned off, the picture seems to lose the vibrancy it had.

Excellent Active 3D Performance

The tv seems to work best leaving the picture mode in standard with the auto motion plus set to smooth. I found that the Automotion Plus feature adds a ton of depth to 3D images and reduces judder to a non-issue. I also turned the 3D light setting to high from the low position. The result is a great picture that does degrade from side viewing angles, even with the curve of the screen.

Smart Tv

The menu system is very easy to navigate your way around.

Changing the picture settings to Vivid and trying different combinations created noticeable double images and glowing around figures. So if you don’t like what you see, do some adjustments before giving up.

Samsung Smart Hub

The Smart Hub keeps the same basic design as last year with subtle improvements. Samsung hit the mark with their user interface and intuitive navigation. This time however, you will see a Game tab as one of the major smart tv pages. The Smart Hub also allows for logins on each member of the family so they can get recommendations tailored to their viewing history. These changes show that Samsung really does pay attention to the details when it comes to user experience. Just like 2013, the Smart Hub is one of the best options for a good smart tv experience, the quad-core processor is just the icing on the cake.

Touch Pad Controller And Split-Screen Multitasking

Surfing through the web or Smart tv features is easy with the new touchpad remote, it is faster and easier than a traditional 5-way controller. The actual touch pad is a bit smaller on this model than the older 2013 one but that is okay as it now supports motion control. This brings it closer to LG’s Magic Remote.

The smaller touch pad also leaves room for more useful buttons on the remote instead of the on-screen menus. The voice recognition only works for inputting searches if the soft keyboard for the search field is open. The new split-screen mode is another great addition that I think is taking Samsung in the right direction, it makes it easy to view live tv and browse the web or use social media at the same time, this is made possible by the quad-core processor.


The menu is pretty similar to what we have seen on top-tier Samsung’s before. Overall it is complete and easy to navigate. The left-hand side lists all of the major sections and is easy to get in and out of.

One feature I really liked is the list of sub menu contents on the right hand side. As an example, when you highlight Picture Options, you get to see every option located in that menu right on the screen, it is a subtle feature but it can make finding certain features faster.

Smart Tv

I really cannot fault the quality of this tv set.

Sound Quality

There is plenty of volume from the speakers on the H8000 and quality is consistently good although not as rich as some I have tested. Samsung is getting in on the trend of adding in small woofers in the cabinets. There are 2x 10w woofers and 2x 10w speakers here so you are going to get pretty decent sound out of this one. A positive thing to note is that there are no hollow or tinny effects in the sound as I have noticed from past tv’s. Externals sound systems are usually going to be the best option and still applies to this tv.


Samsung really embellishes the curve of the H8000 series through the design. The curve of this screen is slight but the curve of the stand is the first thing you’ll notice, it is a similar approach to the F8000 crescent stand from 2013 but this one gets more of the spotlight and isn’t hidden away behind the screen.


  • Top contrast, color and black levels.
  • Amazing light flow through the powerful LED edge lighting.
  • Best micro dimming on a Samsung LED tv.
  • Upscales 480i and 480P signals to near HD levels.
  • Excellent gaming performance.
  • New Smart Touch remote makes surfing the web and navigating the Smart Hub easy with point and click functionality.
  • Quad core plus processor makes booting up, loading apps and nay smart tv process fast.
  • Apps from the Samsung Smart tv app store provide a wide range of good free content.
  • 3D playback is superb with AutoMotion Plus.
  • Glasses light and comfortable (4x pairs included).
Smart Tv

The picture is one of the best I have ever seen from an LED curved none-4K unit.


  • Side angle viewing for 2D images is good for an LED tv but not great overall (the curve makes minor improvements).
  • Side angle viewing for 3D material is a clear weakness.
  • Voice control for internet browsing has some minor hiccups.
  • No built-in camera on the 8000 series from this year.

Value And Verdict

This curve does not come cheap but in the grand scheme of things a 1080P curved LED is much cheaper than the 4K curved variety. It is currently retailing for $1349.95 on Amazon which is still pretty expensive but you for that you get excellent picture quality, strong smart tv features and bragging rights for having a snazzy curved tv, I would definitely recommend this if you are not quite so fussed about getting 4K technology just yet, I would recommend checking it out on Amazon here.

Amazing Dash Cam For The Money

When you are looking at dash cams you know that you want quality and something that is able to hold a decent amount of video. The problem is, these sort of cameras are not cheap. With this in mind, it is important to get one that has everything you want in a dash cam.

To this end, I thought I would review the excellent Blackvue DR650GW-2CH for you guys.

Dash Cam

The Blackvue 650 is an excellent dash cam if a little pricey.


When you compare this with the most recent previous model, the DR550GW-2CH, you may ask yourself if there is anything that is better besides the now 128GB support. The housing, camera lens and image sensor are the same but the biggest surprise is the videos this camera captures.

The DR550 was already a fantastic model but had some drawbacks like the variable image quality. It too features a Sony Exmor sensor like the newer DR650GW-2CH which has no big surprise among the technical features:

  • FullHD resolution with 30fps, HD-ready rear camera
  • GPS
  • 128 GB support
  • WiFi with app
  • Speaker for voice response
  • Looping function
  • Field of view: horizontal 129° / vertical 103° / diagonal 77°
  • Motion detector
  • Accelerometer
  • Microphone

The larger memory card support now allows longer recording times which is helpful for a dual-channel system.

Package Contents

  • Dashcam with adhesive mount
  • Second dashcam with adhesive mount
  • Operating instructions
  • 32 GB memory card with USB adapter (Dependent on model purchased)
  • Power cable and cable guide
  • Software for Windows and Mac (on the SD card)

I love the 128gb support but sadly the model I tested only came with a 32gb memory card. At the high purchase price, I would have expected at least a 64gb memory card to come with it which means that with this model it is hard to avoid having to make an extra purchase, I decided to opt for a cheaply priced class 10 Speicherkarte in the end.

Dash Cam

This is a vast improvement over the older 550 model.

The entire housing is now a full matt black, previously the objective lens ring was reflected slightly but that is now a thing of the past.

The previous models cables still fit so if you have already gone to the effort of mounting these cables then you will only need to switch the dashcam out. And to remove the memory card you only need to remove the power cable, the rear camera co-ax cable can stay as it is as it’s plug-in point is placed away from the cover over the memory card slot. Blackvue has again been thoughtful in it’s design here, since this cable with it’s small pin is pretty fragile.

Easy Set-Up

In normal Blackvue style, setup is very easy. Just install the dashcam in the vehicle using the included power cable and the camera starts up straight away and begins to format the memory card and then retrieves the time and location using GPS. A friendly female voice gives a status update to the driver in German or any other language.

Complete Display-Free Solution

There are many advantages to a display-free dash cam, for one thing, the camera and it’s housing can be kept small and not having a display saves space and produces no heat. I would say that a display is a distraction for the driver so without one, the driver can concentrate completely on the road. Also, instead of a battery, we find a capacitor which holds enough residual current to shut down the dash cam safely. This reduces costs and boosts performance, especially when it comes to image processing.

Dash Cam

The camera takes very consistent, excellent quality videos and images.

Instead of an on-unit display, a smartphone can be used. Apps for both iOs and Android can connect to the camera via WiFi using the password ‘blackvue’. This feature can be activated with a single button on the device. An illuminated WiFi signal on the driver’s side indicates when the function is active. The app itself is the same one used for the previous model.

It should be noted that the WiFi shuts off automatically after 10 minutes to avoid overheating problems. To make use of the rear camera as a parking aid, the WiFi must be activated before parking.

Configuring Using A Computer Or Smartphone

Many different settings are realized when you connect the camera to a smartphone, if this proves tricky though it is possible to stick the memory card in a computer and run the pre-installed software which is also Mac compatible.It works very well. The fantastic working ‘Park Mode’ is accessible here too, drivers able to fix the dashcam to the vehicle firmly can take advantage of this mode which is triggered when vibration or movement is detected. To protect the battery from discharge, use of a Power Magic Pro is recommended.

Dash Cam

With expandability upto 128 gb, there is plenty of scope for more memory.

Non-Stop Recording

As usual for dashcams, the Blackvue records its video in segments and once the memory card is full the oldest video is overwritten. Be sure to choose a high quality memory card for this as valuable video can be lost should the memory card fail.

Video from both cameras is saved in separate files. With the Blackvue Viewer software, they are shown as one single file from which you can view the footage from both camera alternately or side by side. Both recording end up taking about 75MB for 1 minute of video. By my calculations, this works out for a total recording time of just over 14 hours when using a 64gb memory card, this is pretty great.

The included Blackvue Viewer software is perfect for analyzing and reviewing driving footage.

Fantastic Image Quality

The old model’s image quality was already pretty good but tended to alternate in quality, mostly due to the low bitrate, this sadly was necessary to avoid overheating problems. This problem has thankfully been addressed and artifact information is sought in vain. Both front and rear cameras deliver crisp images by day or night.

There have been some massive improvements and make the high purchase price justifiable. Even at high speeds, licence plates can be very easily read thanks not only to the increased bitrate but to the narrower field of view which was cut back to reduce object distortion and results in better image quality. The ‘loss’ of the wide-angle is not noticeable.

Dash Cam

With such a large range of cameras on the market, it is great to see such a great camera to help make your choice a bit easier.


Overall I would rate this dash cam as one of the best on the market presently in the price bracket it is currently set at. starting at $349 for the 16gb model, rising to $419 for the 128gb model.

You get fantastic image quality and great front and rear cameras for the money as well as excellent storage capacity. I highly recommend you check it out. Take a look here on Amazon.


Review Of The Excellent Galaxy S2 Samsung Tablet

Do tablets matter much anymore? Samsung would like you to think so despite the fact they have been releasing some very large phones in the last 12 months like the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ and they still believe that there is a home for tablets in a market crowded by phablets. Samsung’s latest offering, the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 definitely creates a solid case to work off of.

Galaxy S2

This tablet is one of the best small tablets for the money.

The Galaxy Tab S2 is thinner, lighter and faster than last generation’s Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with a new outer-core chipset and a fantastic Super Amoled screen, all in a body that is only 0.2 inches thick.


If you have had any experience of Samsung’s latest smartphones then you will recognize the new design approach the company is taking with the Galaxy Tab S2, it has Samsung’s premium design language written all over it. Instead of a dimpled back from the original Tab S, there is now a smooth matte finish.

The frame is metal with curved edges and a glass front. The band around the tablet is more subtle than last generation’s iteration and is a barely noticeable  buy bright silver. It measures just 7.8 by 5.3 by 0.22 inches (HWD) and weighs just 9.3 ounces, the new tablet is noticeably lighter and thinner than it’s predecessor as well as the Apple iPad Mini 3 that helps to justify the price of the 32gb tablet when compared with the iPad Mini.

Galaxy S2

Even in different lights, the S2’s display performs perfectly.

One thing the Galaxy Tab S2 has in common with it’s older sibling is an incredibly bright Super AMOLED screen. The 2,048 by 1,536, 8-inch panel packs 320 pixels per inch and really pops. Colors are vibrant and saturated and video really shines through here. AMOLED is doing well for Samsung, the tablet’s screen is crystal clear in nearly all lighting situations.

The bottom of the Tab S2 has a micro USB port and dual speakers. The right edge features volume and power buttons along with a microSD slot that supports upto 128GB. The camera is in the middle of the back panel on the tablet and there are small, circular, magnetic holders for one of Samsung’s proprietary cases on the left side like the last model.


The Tab S2 also has support for multi-window tasking, that feature was available on last year’s tablet but it slowed it down significantly. The Galaxy Tab S2 is able to keep six windows open with no problems, three seems to be pushing it though with the screen becoming a mess, I usually just use two and switch between them but it is good to know the choice is there.

Samsung has also added a finger-print scanner as well this time, touching my thumb to the home button made unlocking almost instantaneous, on a par with Apple sensors I would say. Another new feature is SideSync, a way for your tablet to become a command hub for your phone via Wi-Fi, it lets you control your phone from your tablet so if it’s charging in another room and you are on the couch with the Galaxy Tab S2, you can take a call. drag and drop files and even send text messages, pairing this with a Galaxy 6 Edge+ and calling someone worked perfectly.

Galaxy S2

The Galaxy Tab S2 has many great features.

QuickConnect uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to stream content to your tv from your phone or mirror your phone screen, like a Chromecast but it can also let you mirror what is on tv to your tablet too, it worked pretty well on a Samsung HDTV although image quality on a 65-inch tv was grainy.

Other Useful Features

All of these features help differentiate the tablet from it’s competition and require you live in a very Samsung-centric ecosystem. As an example of this you can’t use SideSync with iPhone or non-Samsung Android phone and the QuickConnect feature only works with Samsung’s current smart TV lineup and a few others so if you find these features attractive but you own an iPhone then you are out of luck.

The Galaxy Tab S2 has a 4,000-mAh battery which is not the biggest source of power for an 8-inch screen. Testing out the battery, I streamed video over Wi-Fi at full brightness and the tablet lasted 5 hours and 33 minutes, as a contrast, last year’s Tab S managed 11 hours and 52 minutes of video playback while the iPad Mini 3 lasted 5 hours and 45 minutes.

There is also a whole suit of Samsung Bloatware although not quite as much as I though there would be. You get 32Gb of storage as well as a microSD slot with about 6.5Gb taken up out of the box. Preloaded bloatware includes Milk Music, Samsung+ and Galaxy Apps, it is toned down a bit from older devices but it is still a noticeable amount that isn’t necessary and most cannot be deleted, as a bonus though, Samsung’s Touchwiz UI customizations have been scaled back a bit as well.


The Galaxy Tab S2 runs Android 5.02 (Lollipop) and is powered by the same processor as the Galaxy Note 4, an octa-core Exynos 5433 chip which makes it one very powerful machine. One of my biggest criticisms about last generation’s Galaxy S Tab was the lack of processing power but this has now thankfully been addressed.

I also tested network performance out as well and next to my router I obtained fantastic speeds of 61.93 Mbps download and 58.15 Mbps upload, twenty feet away it dropped to 17.58 Mbps download and 7.5 Mbps upload.

Galaxy S2

Even under heavy load, the processor delivers exceptional performance.

Video playback looks fantastic on the Super AMOLED display. Youtube videos are crystal clear and color accurate. With headphones plugged in, audio sounded full and powerful, as with most tablets, the dual speakers aren’t anything great, put up the volume a bit and they start to sound a bit tinny.

The 8-megapixel camera on the back is pretty good and shutter speeds are fast in normal light. You will see decent levels of detail shooting outdoors although low light performance is not as strong. The 2.1 megapixel front camera is pretty strong as far as front-facing cameras go and is great for Google Hangouts, Skype or other video calls.


  • Premium Feel.
  • Very thin and light.
  • Sharp screen.
  • Powerful processor.
  • Solid camera.


  • Some new features require additional Samsung devices.
  • Some bloatware.
  • Average battery life.


With the Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung has upgraded it’s flagship tablets in pretty much every meaningful way. You get a more powerful processor, a display that remains one of the best in the market and hardware that is lighter, thinner and more beautiful than ever, all for a low price of $299 directly from Amazon, this should be at the top of your list if you are in the market for a small tablet.

Asus F555LA-AB31 Best-Selling Windows 10 Laptop

When Windows 10 was launched, several manufacturers rushed to give us great laptops at affordable prices with the new OS already installed, few of them however have offered such a great price/spec relationship as the Asus F555LA-AB31.


This looks like an excellent laptop for the money

This is an excellent mid-range laptop with the 5th-generation Intel Core i3 processor, 4gb of ram and of course, Windows 10 at a very competitive price, the best thing about it for the money is the fact it comes with a full 1920 x 1080p screen.

Despite a dedicated graphics card, the laptop can still run video editing software like Adobe Premier and After Effects as well as video games like League Of Legends thanks to the integrated Intel HD Graphics.

The only issue I found with it was that it came with a 500gb hard drive, this is plenty of storage for most people considering you are only forking out a few hundred bucks, this is a sacrifice worth making.

Screen And First Impressions

The laptop is very elegant and has a dual-tone design that makes it easy on the eye without attracting too much attention. It is black on the outside and most of the inside but has a silver plate around the keyboard which has an integrated numpad and a silver touchpad.


The screen is very good and has full 1080P capabilities.

The full HD 1080P display is a fantastic feature for a budget laptop with a 1920 x 1080p resolution, this makes it even more special seen as how it’s competitors sport a 1366 x 768p screen.  The screen has  matte layer on the top so it does not reflect as much light as a normal glossy display. This is especially useful for outdoor use because you will be able to see the screen even in direct sunlight.

If 1080P is not enough for you, you may also connect the laptop to your tv or external monitors via the HDMI port and stream content at a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. If this is still not high enough for you then you had better start saving up because you will need a 4K laptop and that easily costs three or four times as much.

CPU, Ram And Graphics

The Asus F555LA-AB31 is as powerful as you would expect a mid-range laptop to be thanks to the 5th generation Intel Core i3-5010u dual-core processor with 4 threads and 3mb of cache that runs at 2.1 Ghz, it also has a 64-bit architecture so it take full advantage of the RAM memory.

The laptop also comes with 4gb of DDR3 ram that runs at 1600Mhz, this is more than enough for basic multitasking so you shouldn’t run into any problems unless you try to open 10 or more apps at the same time.

This setup is not the strongest when it comes to graphics but is still pretty capable. It has integrated HD 5500 graphics and is able to run video games like League Of Legends, Counter Strike, GO and Dota 2 and even the critically acclaimed Tomb Raider at more than 30 fps but you will first have to lower the visual quality quite a bit as with any mid-range laptop.


The laptop has an attractive silver finish.

The same can be said for video editing because this graphics card will help you render 3D animations and complex special effects but will not be fast in doing so when compared with other laptops who have dedicated graphics which are obviously more expensive.

So as long as you don’t try to push it too hard, the Asus will make a pretty decent gaming, video editing machine. When it comes to media streaming, you’ll be able to watch your 60fps movies or videos, even at 3840 x 2160 resolution.

Storage And Battery Life

The laptop comes with a 500gb hard drive, although not as fast as a solid-state drive (SSD), is still fast enough for most people as it runs at 5400rpm, with the prices of SSD’s dropping, you may want to consider swapping out the internal HDD for one.

500GB may not be enough storage space for some people but you can still connect up an external hard drive and SD cards so it is not such a big deal.

When looking at battery life, you might think that because of the 1080P screen, the laptop’s battery life might be bad but it actually isn’t too bad. With mid to heavy usage, the Asus F555LA-AB31 is able to last upto 5 hours per charge, this is mainly thanks to that great i3 processor.

Connectivity And Extras

This laptop has basic connectivity with Wi-Fi networks rated at 802.11 b/g/n as you would expect and Bluetooth 4.0, wireless LAN and an ethernet port for any wired LAN connections so internet connectivity is pretty much covered.


The laptop has plenty of connectivity to keep you going.

There are also two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port and an SD card reader for all your data needs as well as HDMI and VGA ports for maximum display compatibility. It also comes with a webcam for video connections and a combo audio jack which allows the use of headphones or external microphones.

The biggest plus about this laptop besides it’s 1080P screen is that it comes loaded with Windows 10 right out of the box which means you won’t have to wait any extra time waiting for the laptop to install a newer OS from existing Windows like 8.

In Conclusion

What the Asus F555LA-AB31 lacks is internal storage but compensates for this with a full 1080P HD screen measuring 15.6″. The laptop is powerful enough for most students and professionals and has a nice design that is elegant and discreet.

The laptop also comes with an integrated numeric pad for faster writing and Windows 10, overall this is an excellent laptop for the money that will last you a long time before you feel the need to upgrade it, check it out on Amazon here.

Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Many people who already suffer with the awful condition of erectile dysfunction can now wipe out the problem in a couple of days. This may seem like a dream but it is true with the help of an excellent program called ED Reverser which has freed many men from the shame.

The author of this excellent book is known as Max Miller, the author aims to help you get a better understanding of how it comes about and what erectile dysfunction is, the program goes into great detail about natural ingredients which anybody can get hold of and use to completely reverse the effects of the condition.

Erectile Dysfunction

The penis is made up of blood vessels and when these vessels are relaxed, blood can very easily flow into the penis and become trapped. The program is aimed at restoring the effect by easily relaxing the blood vessels with the natural ingredients that are proven to do what is required.

The body produces an antibody which has been known to relax blood vessels and the combination of the natural ingredients have been shown to stimulate production of these antibodies and with this production, you could very easily start the simple process of reversing the effects of erectile dysfunction and completely annihilating all the sympMaxs of erectile dysfunction from your body.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction no longer has to be an embarrassing subject for you or your partner.

What You Get In The Program

  • Easy to follow, step by step instructions and guide plan on how to make super powerful, miracle recipe to break the barrier inside your blood vessels and allows blood to flow.
  • Important tips and tricks to help you get the desired result.
  • Key information about erectile dysfunction and knowledge about the root cause of the problem with a detailed guide which doctors will not give you.
  • Natural processes so there are no harmful side effects.

How It Actually Works

It is a popular belief with both people and doctors that erectile dysfunction happens because of low testosterone levels but Max Miller learned that a mere 5% of erectile dysfunction cases are actually caused by low testosterone levels, thanks to data obtained from the Urology department of Columbia University. Considering that a full cycle of testosterone injections costs a cool $2,000 and only works in 5% of cases, the author sensibly thought that there must be a more effective yet affordable natural alternative.

Erectile Dysfunction

To understand the solution, you have to understand what erection means: an erection results from blood vessels in the penis relaxing, triggering the trapping of blood in two inner chambers. This process leads to a buildup of pressure, thereby increasing the size and hardness of the erection.

Erectile dysfunction results from the failure of your blood vessels to fully relax. Research of trial and error plus a bit of luck has allowed Max Miller to come up with a diet that has a perfect blend of enzymes and amino acids to help get rid of erectile dysfunction.


  • The guide can give you a permanent and total cure for erectile dysfunction with the added benefits of an increased sex drive and repaired ego.
  • The program is cheap to purchase at $47.
  • The ingredients are all natural that are used in the program and are readily available from any grocery store.
  • The program has a huge customer base with many men reporting success and a revived sex life with each passing week.
  • There is a full 60-day 100% moneyback guarantee with this product if you are unhappy in any way.
  • You do not have to wait months to see a result with this program, you can see amazing results in as little as 14 days.


  • The program is electronic and so is only available as a download.
  • This program is only for men as you can probably guess from the title so will have no effect on women.

Final Conclusion

Erectile Dysfunction

Win back your great sex life you used to have.

The ED Reverser is a step by step guide on how to tackle erectile dysfunction at the root cause without spending thousands on expensive treatments. Max Miller, the author teaches you how to improve your condition just by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle, things like eating the right foods and doing the correct exercises. You could see results in just a few weeks and there is even a full 60-day money back guarantee giving you peace of mind for any product like this.

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